a glorious day's journey into the longest night | gabriel ramírez bello

Ran through the west wing
Down the stairs and up

Awake, the Morning Sun
Scramble eggs violently
Prepare a meal for 2 to choke on
I drink you
You drink me

Today will be a glorious day

Took the elevator
Ran south and got out

My neighbor told me he was told
We we’re left behind
I shot the messenger
A bullet for the right man

Power walked to the park
The asphalt slowly cooking my soles with each step

Now, to kill my lunch
Our lunch
Left my shades by my bed on the fifth floor
so I cover my eyes with my left hand
Aim the rifle with my right

Never let them see your eyes
They speak more than the mouth could ever hope to

A sure shot
A bullet for the right man

Back to the complex
Returning before 3:36
while carrying something heavier than myself
It’s pretty complex

Open the gate, enter
Up one stair, then another, then another, then

I knock fiercely on your door
1 time, 2 times, 3
You finally have the courtesy to open
And we lock eyes
Big Mistake
I see exactly who you are
You close your door
I run to the right wing
I still love you, right?

The clock strikes 3:36
I run to the top of the nearest staircase
Bend my body till I reach the most agonizing pose
And hold it for 7 minutes
A ritual I do 6 days of the week
Saturdays we rest
At least what I believe to be a week
While waiting for the master of the structure
He may return the next minute
The next time the clock strikes
Or when we’re buried under the structure

I relax and exit
Retreat and enter the rose garden

The Gardener designed the most hypnotic labyrinth
With false exits and true mystery
One can only escape assisted by the divine
At the end a statue
A woman
Her eyes bandaged
arms extended for embrace
Each time I see her I try to break them off
bend time, to get to you
Turn years to months
to weeks to days
to hours to minutes
to you

I escape the maze
And make my way to the terrace
I caught you there

We glare at the moon
I hear neighbors howling at it
I hear trumpets playing from it
I see a man falling from it
A bullet for the right man

This will be The longest night yet
We dry each other’s tears
Fantasize about dying
   in each other’s arms
Plan our Great Escape
We gaze at each other’s eyes
As we remember tomorrow

 and rewrite yesterday.

Gabriel Francisco Ramírez Bello nació el 4 de noviembre del 1994, en el pueblo de Bayamón. Fue criado y reside actualmente en el pueblo de Toa Alta. Tiene 22 años de edad. Estudia arquitectura y ciencias ambientales en la Universidad de Puerto Rico, recinto de Río Piedras. Ha sido publicado en la revista Caminos Convergentes dos veces anteriormente, con los poemas: The Stone Giant y Salem: A Burning Desire.
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