ethereal, a poetic anthology [laura lamoli]

l. isabel


I am a girl
who is
a little bit
of everything. 


Eyes full of love
Lips full of unspoken words
Wandering thoughts
Promising fingers
Hair full of Earth
Dreams full of heaven

Always homesick
Always close to home.


I like the way
my eyes are
like dark honey
running down
a tree bark.
Like a cup of coffee
with only a splash of milk,
like a Spanish guitar

my grandfather used to own.


A city that
doesn’t need a picture 
to spark 
a thousand memories
in my head.

A city that
smells like gasoline
and cigarettes,
my breath of fresh air
after drowning in the tropics.

A city where
the only things bigger
than the skyscrapers
are the hopes and dreams 
of the people who live there.

A decade after my first visit
and I still crave the streets
buzzing with life
and taxis
louder than thunder.

I miss
sitting on the kitchen countertop,
overlooking Manhattan,
inhaling the sweet and nostalgic scent

of gasoline and cigarettes.


Bits of the moon

flying, falling
like diamonds
making their way to the earth.
my home
our home
our sanctuary.
A journey through the stars
finding shelter among the
planetary rings,
finding safety in the
warmth exhaled by the
Bits of your love
flying, falling
like diamonds
making their way
to my

Welcome home. 


You are poetry.

An endless array of
enlightenment, emotion, beauty.
A universal healer,
a force to be reckoned with.
A speaker of truth, love,
lust, knowledge.
You are magic.
The last flutter of an eyelash
as you drift away
to a land
of dreams.

My words are yours

“Each day that I talk to you
I realize more and more 
that you have an astounding ability
with words.

You really know how
to express even 
the darkest

Your words are mine.

The Piano

I sat in the room
with the piano I
never played.
You would touch the
keys and make me
laugh, cry, think.
The piano lessons and
recitals could never amount
to the emotions that radiated
out of me as you pressed
the simplest keys.
I learned Fur Elise,
but I never could quite
play the piano 
like you did.


I wrote about
a beautiful boy
with an extraordinary
His words touched my
skin like jungle
vines, making
every inch of my
being shiver.
He read my mind
as if it were an
open book,
despite my lack

of prose.


I wrote about a boy
who took my heart
and broke it into
a million stars
in the night sky.
A boy who finished
my sentences and
never spoke again.
A boy that let
my tears fall
through his
gentle fingers
to the cold


To the Boy Who Never Loved Me 

A letter to
the boy who never loved me,

You discovered ways
to make my skin
to make my mouth
gape open,
to make my eyes
roll back
in pure,

Where did you run
off to this time?

I walked
the deserts,
I swam
the oceans,
I soared
the skies
of my mind
for you,
only to feel
your filthy hands
creep their way
up the dimples
in my back and
around my

My father always told me
to never end a story with someone
on bad terms.
“You’ll never know
if you’ll need something from them

I pray
the day in which I need something
from your filthy hands
never comes.

I hate you!
I hate the way
you made my
heart race
with every thought.
I hate the way
you’d tilt your head back
when you laughed-
to my obliviousness-
at my innocence.
I hate the way
you made me fall
madly in love with you
to the tragic point
where I no longer
to love

I ran.
I ran as far as my broken heart
could carry me.
I ran away from you,
from your filthy hands
whose touch I once craved.
I ran.
I ran as far as my broken heart
could carry me
before my wings
could finally break

I fly now.

Because the boy who never loved me
is all you will ever be.

To the One That Did

A letter to 
the one that did,

Thank you.

Thank you
for believing in me,
in my dreams,
in my goals,
in everything
and anything
my tainted mind
floated upon.

Thank you
for holding my hand
and reassuring me
as I realized
that the most important
love I’ll ever need
is love of self.

Thank you
for helping me
discover the
that had once been
engulfing my mind.

I am no longer blinded,
I am a wildfire.

I am no longer drowning,
I am a seismic wave.

I am no longer stunned,
I am a thunderstorm.

I no longer ache
for the boy who never loved me,
for you are the One

that did.

Laura Isabel Lamoli currently courses at Cypress Bay High School and will be starting her college career this summer at the University of Central Florida majoring in Biology.  She has always been a talkative girl though her most meaningful words came from a ball-point pen, a sheet of journal paper, and a distracted mind.  Her poems give an insight into her personal journey of self-love and self-discovery.  Daring to dream she wishes to help the world in the best way she can, through her words. 
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