an approach to sight | [reinaldo e. hernandez]

We do not perceive things as mass or voids,
distant objects often appear completely flat.
two dimensional clouds, a silhouette.
Always seen from the back, never the front.

Natural beauty that has a tendency to stiffen,
the archaic art, so austere and symmetrical.
Inflexible rhythms different from that of architecture,
rhythm which might be called "natural".

Baroque doors and windows
flowing in alternating rhythms
from curves,
to straight-lines, abrupt
bends in the road.

Contrasted with Indian tribes,
cooking vessels and entire buildings out of clay.
house walls so smooth,
resembling plastered walls.
Holes on roofs, so that as to
enter from above, through a hatch
descending into homes.

Giulio Minoletti's Pool in Monza,
Where lines bend into squares,
slowly leading deeper.
Gone into the familiar feeling of approaching things from the back,
never the front.
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