if sin was a Ted Talk | [carlos vélez]

If sin was a Ted Talk,
would you claim for your right
to indulge in life’s cornered secrets?

As your feet swiftly caress
the recently vacuumed rug
with the burdens of well-dressed souls,
recapturing the cognitions of lucid innovation,
the gallows of freedom convert into heightened bonfires,
signaling the presence of the repressed.

The witches that were once burned into stakes
now channel through the minds of young heretics
with the single flick of a slide.

Ablaze are the oaken ashes that once served as anchors
for the ships about to sail through bright days
and storming all-nighters.

You see, 

being sleepless with a purpose
is more sound than numbing yourself with tiring convictions.

Conviction is nothing but plagiarized consciousness
scavenging through existential wounds,
in order to harbor the banquets reserved for the holy wealth.

“In Godamn, we trust.”

The rounds of applause invite you
to the realms of harvesting selves.

You transcend into constant creations and communal photosynthesis.
At last, you can breath again.
The century-old echoes kept you too long under sacrilegious seas.
At last, you embody power and movement,
and once again, you regain your integrity.

On whole-intervals the words glisten upon hungry curiosity.
In spires, the white grails are served with
the body and blood of reason.

The paradigm shift is inevitable.

The golden chair shall be usurped in ways
reminiscent of familiar hymns.

If sin was a Ted Talk,
then you might’ve just understand.
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