déjà entendu | [lara gonzález-soler|

It started with an “I love you”. It started backwards, and the words had an apocalyptic weight to them. Somewhere between “I love you” and “nice to meet you” they both realized they were gunning for the end. They stayed anyway. It started at the roof of an abandoned apartment building, after everyone had jumped ship. They should have jumped ship too, but there was something anachronistic about the way she smiled that made him hit the snooze button every time that alarm rang in his head. Just a little bit longer. Just a little bit. She said it first, not expecting a reply, but she felt a déjà vu when he said it back. I guess déjà entendu would be the proper term, but I don’t really know any french. The words didn’t feel foreign on his lips. Her touch was centuries old, and her eyes brand new. She felt him reaching for their future but running into the past. Something about repeating itself and moving in circles. Circles were her favorite shape. He preferred triangles. Sometimes her lashes would stick together and make perfect little triangles over her shiny new eyes and he wondered why anyone would ever want to leave this place. Everyone had left, or maybe they just weren’t there yet. But they were here. She and him. They were on their way somewhere.
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