Atocha : [Lian]

(Arte por Hajin Bae)

Thursday March 4th, 2004

There was something special about this train.  I didn’t  know what it was. My life was usually unexciting, and that was okay. I was used to it. Every day, the same thing: college and work. I saw the same people, I behaved the same way, and I went to the same places. But on this train, no. On this particular train car, I could relax in a way I would not have known I needed. 

Only good things happened on this train. I didn’t really think too much about it since it might have seem strange but the reality was that every day I looked forward to getting on this train. You rushed inside just as the doors were sliding shut and took the seat across from me with a gentle sigh of relief. I looked at you but I quickly returned my attention to the paperback on my hand. Your feet tapped the floor and your fingers drummed  an impatient rhythm on the side of the seat. A while later, I heard you groan but I didn’t look up to see why.

In one of the stops the train made, an elderly man came on board. You kindly offered him your seat.

"Excuse me," you said, and I looked up into your dark brown eyes under a bed of curly brown hair. You were smiling politely at me. "May I sit next to you?" After a second or two, I nodded and removed my bag from the space next to me. "Thank you," you replied.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't shaken by you, but I was. I don't understand why but staring at you quickened my heart and made the blood rush to my face, which I promptly hid behind my book again. You tapped my shoulder and leaned in.

"What are you reading?" I felt your shoulder lean against mine as you tried to read the text and I swallowed hard.

"Rhymes by Gustavo Bécquer."

You made a face. "Never heard of him."

I showed you the cover. "I've never met anyone who has." You nodded apprehensively.

"Sounds like a challenge." You smirked. I shrugged.

You didn't ask anything else nor attempted conversation for the rest of the ride. I got off at Atocha and noted with vague disappointment that you didn't get off at this station as well.

Friday March 5th, 2004

I didn’t see you at the station as I boarded the train and the seat across from me remained empty all the way to Atocha.

To be continued...
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