Gabriel Ramirez Bello:[Salem: A Burning Desire]

She said:
“You want to try?
(Little do you know,
Your soul will be mine)”
Loss of innocence
Her name was Rhiannon
All his life he’d never seen,
A woman taken by the wind.
She danced naked by the fire                      
Spreading ashes as she twirled                    
Then she became the fire.
Ran through the woods,
He always followed behind,
In love like a fool.
She gave him a burning red desire
Like a rose,
But she was just a thorn
His Lolita                        
The light of his life
The fire of his loins
Her white body                                           
On his flaming tongue                                 
Locked between his fingertips
The V to the soul
Filled his lungs with joy
Coated them like menthol.
His heart under her
Enchantment, Voodoo, Entrancement
Sometimes she’s dressed in green               
A garden princess picking weeds.
He had an affair in Amsterdam
with Mary Jane
Partied every weekend
with Molly
Flew in sky first class
with Lucy
and bought her diamonds
Every Winter Frozen                      
By the beautiful Snow Queen
Working her crystal method
Lining him up in a straight line.
And the mistress on the side
Tequila Rose, down the throat
She was his dancer
She was his cancer
Run boy run!
But he was too stoned
From the sisters of the moon
She burned him at the stake
Every single night
He tried to extinguish the flame
But she just said: “huff and puff”
He couldn’t take the heat anymore
The temperature got too far-in-height                                            
He was just a snowman and she a phoenix
He tried to cage with his never-melt ice,
Tried to become a resistant tundra.                        
Her love lava melted his willpower
He tried to exhale the smoke
But it always crawled back inside,
Down his veins
And numbed his pains
She was his perfect match
An unbearable itch he couldn’t scratch
He tried to die
She just dug him back up
Pulled on his leash
and made him kneel
He couldn’t stop
He loved her to death
‘Cause the wicked never rest   
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