Gabriel Ramírez Bello: [The Stone Giant]

 ( * * * * *
I was born
Worked down to the calcium of my bones
Locked in a tower taller than anyones name            
Fell (pushed) from my castle in the sky
                   like a
                                        meteorite   ( O
The ozone layer didnt let me through the velvet rope
He put up quite a fight with his satellite fists
I found his weak spot, the global warming hole
And swiftly entered like a rusted knife through flesh
Crashed into Earths warm motherly embrace
Landed on the Caribbean tectonic plate
The fall barely left a dent in my rebellion
I carved myself a smile,
No sculptor ever did
                       up in my arms

Held my head
Continued my reckless ambition to rule
Determined to leave my mark on every forsaken corner
Quake the earth till I was known

I was on the move

I was remade
Crafted of marble, granite and quartz,
Or so I like to think.
I have six arms and hold twelve swords
I held Excalibur till King Arthur took it
Moses tattooed the commandments on my back
I still managed to brake them, Im damaged
Cracked, chipped and rough around the edges
An uncut priceless diamond on your highness crown
Under the right pressure

My skeleton is formed by stalagmites
Carefully placed to not die from a cave-in
The insides are hollowed, a fountain without blood
Bats made their home where my heart should be

Im alone in my grassy field with no wind
Not at home in my crumbling cave
The Ocarina inside of me
Echoes an ancient hymn
To my kind Im like a ghost passing through

My Moon hates me
Its not my fault the Sun shines differently on me
That my Mountains suffered a massive landslide

Ive never moved

Ive lived the life
I swam through lemonade rivers
Smoked entire valleys
Climbed a rainbow to a pot of gold
I drank from the fountain of youth
Was baptized in a holy surf
With the fairies blessings
Rode a Unicorn through the Land of Milk and Honey
Flew with pink elephants trough a windless storm
Found Atlantis and the Loch-ness on the same day
Looked over the worlds edge, and came right back
I witness the clam opening as Venus came to life
And Adam and Eve eating that fucking fruit
Ive danced with fire and smoke women
My current girlfriend is a mermaid
And she gives me candy kisses
Is this happiness?

I became the King
Of the Land of Make Believe
Days that shined like diamonds
Were of cubic zirconium

I havent moved

Ive believed
My Lotus had bloomed
Buddha was right
My third eye was open, but I blinked
Ying and Yang were my childhood friends
My chakras were aligned
They kept me zen                                                      
I betrayed them

Hid in a masonic temple                                            
The awakened ones found me
When will I finally be saved? I asked
Reach Nirvana
Metamorphic recrystallization

Om Shanti, Om Shanti

Im fucking crazy!

But the voices in my head disagree

Nothing worked
I still didnt move

Im future-phobic                              
The stampeding years have trampled me
Turning me into a paranoid android
My body electric has short-circuited
As Ive gotten older

Outside I remain a neutral neutron
Working that machine
When I just want to be inspired
I cant stop spinning
Malfunctioning from magnetic frequencies
Too many thoughts and ideas,
            Words behind words
            And the meaning
            Behind the words and
                    The truth

Im just digging up
And mining my brain
Its all sweet nothings
I wont move

I give up                                             
Ive stopped
Humming the ballad of the dead
I want to go
But the Grim Reaper thinks Im a hypocrite
Im too tall for this life
Im too big for this world
Like Twilight,
Im always in the in-between
I am the rock, I am the hard place
My emotions are just sedimentary
            My heart suffers from constant erosion
                        My soul is being devoured by moss
As a pebble I skipped through childhood
The consequences still ripple in the river of my life

Ive been everywhere and am now a resident of nowhere

They dont get my ruby anger                                   
They dont care for my sapphire tears
All Im left with is emerald envy

I only want to be sculpted like The Thinker
I just need to be loved
Like Im not made of stone                            
I need something more, something more, something

Will I ever move?

Im awake
I hear the trumpets from the stratosphere
Jesus Christ
La roca de la vida
Is that you!?
Sitting on the throne
Brilliant as carnelian and jasper stone
With the glow of emerald
Around Him like a Rainbow

Open the golden gates
I have a reservation
My name is in to book of life    Right!?                                                                

I dont want to be a runaway boy
Running away with the whore of Babylon
Running to the desert of melted time
Finding my luck in the lake
That burns with fire and brimstone
I dont care about the seven-headed dragon
I want you!

But I cant move
            down my face
Only faith the size of a grain of mustard can move me
A weight too heavy for my columns to bear

Im heartily sorry
I renounce my pagan past and my mundane days
Please take your prodigal son back and welcome him with open arms                                 
My journey is done

                                                     Stone         ……..
                                                 this                           ……..
                         of Your                                                           ……
           to the top                                                                             ……
Lift up                                                                                                    ………

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